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Today I want to introduce you to a really cool combination of cinphul:

+ cinphul // ravage IV [stomps] are the shoes I’m wearing and you can still get them at the Warehouse Sale event at the moment. The boots are available for the following bodies : eBody Reborn🤍, Freya, Jake, Kario, Kupra, Legacy F&M, Maitreya and a unrigged version. You get a HUD to change the colors from the teeth (2colors), metals (2colors), Drool (on/off option) and cables (8colors). Grab them now here at the Warehouse Sale Event and get yours

(Feb 23rd – Mar 20th)

+ cinphul // ravage V [cap] [gift] is the new GROUPGIFT what you can get from cinphul. A reziser script is included in the cap so that you can adjust the cap to the size you need. You also get a HUD where you have 2 tooth color options and can hide the drool. Group fee : Free

+ cinphul // ravage II [jacket] is available for the following bodies: Maitreya, Legacy F & M, Kupra / Kups and Belleza Jake. You get a HUD to change different parts from the jacket in a color you prefer. Try them now at the Cinphul Mainstore

What she is wearing too in this picture

  • Head: LeLutka Ceylon
  • Body: eBody Reborn
  • Backdrop: .PALETO.Backdrop: SEWER
  • Earring combo: Badwolf – Chastisement Earrings (Swallow Gauged Ears S) and Astralia – Octavia Earrings (Swallow Gauged Ears S (Sil/Bla) MF
  • Hair: [RA] Yolandi Hair – Essential
  • Stocking: Violent Seduction – Psyche Stockings (Black)
  • Cheek Piercing: +AH+ Gate Bento Piercing Female 1.0

If I miss some , so just let me know FB Messanger – Flickr )

Cinphul Flickr

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