Verboten, Diablito & Koala Store @ Tokyo Zero March 2022

Forgive the steps I’ve taken
For all I have forsaken
Listen, maybe I was blind
Forgive the vows I’ve broken
For all the words, unspoken
Due to all those crimes

All featured items aviable at the Tokyo Zero EVENT march round (running until the 25th!

Verboten – Dread Earings

The creative Verboten store comes up with these Tentaclefied Earrings for the Swallow gauged ears! you get single sided versions and both sides to wear so you can combine them like u want! Also included is a Hud with some cool colors and the option to blend out the lil piercings. I loaded up a closeup on my blog for a better look at them and after that get them at The tokyo zero Event with the link on top!

Earring & Eye Closeup

Diablito – Gates of hell Eyes

This awesome Eyes come in 4 Versions and you can use them with the Lelutka Evo/EvoX appliers, omega or the included mesh eyes! get them at the Tokyo Zero event! (Taxi above)

Koala Store- BoM Arms Fishnet

Here you get a verry cool accesoire with these fishnets! you can choose from 4 length versions and since they come Mod you can chnage the color tomake them fit you style perfect! get them at the Tokyo Zero!

Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka EvoX Connor
  • Body – Bellza Jake
  • Ears – Swallow´s Gauged Ears
  • Hair – Dura B110
  • Shirt – Tanaka Shibuya Shirt Yokai @Mainstore
  • Gloves – Cubic Cherry Diem Leather Gloves BoM
  • Scars and Facedetails – Mix Of TF and Avarosa stuff
  • Backdrop – Paleto Evil Night

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