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Today I would like to introduce you to a new skin collection from Soliac – Cora Skin for LeLu EvoX. These are fantasy skins that can be obtained at the Skin Fair. Following colors are available : Dracula, green alien, grey alien, lavender fairy and pink fairy ( the one im wearing in this picture ). The skins comes with following extras : the flower tattoo, eyeliner, moles and shape. A version without eyebrows are included too. Bodyskin isn´t included but you can get the matching skin by Velour.

Available at the skin fair (DATE: March 11TH – 28 TH 2022 )

Raw Shot without edit

What she is wearing too in this picture

  • Head: LeLutka Ceylon
  • Hair: bonbon – wolfie hair (naturals)
  • Ears: .:BoD:. Sasha Crosses Bom & Tint ears ( the skin color matchs with the face skin because they use the BoM face color )
  • Flower Horns : Sweet Thing. Nature’s Crown – Ornamented
  • Bird: 4){anc} little bird / bird (tall twig) 2Li white
  • Shoulder feathers: GRIMA: [Maitreya] Fur Feathered Harness BLACK
  • Top: glyph – Orisa -light- for Lara

If I miss some , so just let me know FB Messanger – Flickr )

Soliac Flickr

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