Supported Art

Here are pictures of people who have taken pictures for BodyArts Poses or surprised me with a wonderful piece of art. Just click on the picture and get to the Flickr/Facebook of great people.

I got this page in May 2022 and more great photos will follow

Cookie Corvinus shows the BodyArts CatLover pose in a great creative goth style . Check her flickr for a lot inspiration ♥
Cookie Corvinus shows the BodyArts Goth and Proud Set (Pose & Top) with great light settings. Check her Flickr and you get a lot creative inspiration ♥
The lovely Erza who likes to get inspiration and ideas from me. The result has become beautiful
Edgar featuring the 1L$ Gift Pose Devotion 
Elise felt inspired by what I do and dedicated this wonderful picture to me
My sister Wicca created this great portrait. i love it very much
Angel felt inspired by a picture I took. I love her creativity very much
Lilith von Hexem shows in a beautiful DarkArt the BodyArts Poses – Lerajee Female Side-kneel pose

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your great work, the time and love you invest in it and also for the support

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