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About us

We are a RL couple since more then 17 years and started SL together 9 years ago . I remember how fascinated we where about SL and soon we discovered the creative sides there . We are taking pictures like hell since we´ve joined and learned to do them in better quality. Our favorite topic is mostly Goth, Dark and all about Horror and Macabre . We are also in RL Goth/Metal so we understand well to combinate a lot stuff to a great Gothic style . Same for the Horror topic – we are junkies to watch Horror movies and playing horror games so we have a lot inspiration in our minds. Maybe this page will help you to get a bit inspiration for yourself to create some new with your avi ♥

About Sponsors and Blogs

Vivien started to blogging early 2020 and Aramis Dec 2020 because we get request to do it for a few diffrent shops . We will never accept more then 15 sponsors because we see blogging in this way :

♥We prefer to concentrate on the designer sponsors/ event sponsors we have and of course to focus on their products.

♥When we receive inquiries, we often accept if it suits us thematically in order to be able to present the designer in the best possible way.

♥The most important thing for us is inspiration, which means that the smallest item in our mind creates a whole picture.

♥We love to socialise with our sponsors instead of beeing straight buisness orientated . Because we beliefe together we fullfill the expectations of our sponsors in the best way.

E.A.Studio Blog

How about a new earring set for the ^^Swallow^^ Pixie/Human Gauged S ears ? Then I would like to introduce you to the new Moringa earrings from E.A.Studio which will appear at the Kinky event. You can get them for human and pixie ears, fem and male version. You also get a HUD with 3„E.A.Studio Blog“ weiterlesen

cinphul blog

cinphul created the cinphul // dustn ii [hat] for you. This hat is available in 2 versions on the Space Western. You get a HUD where 4 leather and 2 metal textures are available . With the resizer scipt inside the hat you can easily adjust the size. Each hat also comes in pink exclusively„cinphul blog“ weiterlesen


Asteroidox. @ Kostum9 May/June 2022 & Bison My empire feeds on meWorn out, I’m a ghostWhat could I do to bring you closer?Stand with me on the edge of the sky Hello, Today i want to present you 2 awesome products from my sponsors.First comes Asteroidbox. with the Cleo sweater. It´s aviable at the Kostum9„Closer“ weiterlesen

A beautiful Blog Story from Cajsa LilliehookRead me here

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