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About us

We are a RL couple since more then 15 years and started SL together 8 years ago . I remember how fascinated we where about SL and soon we discovered the creative sides there . We are taking pictures like hell since we´ve joined and learned to do them in better quality. Our favorite topic is mostly Goth, Dark and all about Horror and Macabre . We are also in RL Goth/Metal so we understand well to combinate a lot stuff to a great Gothic style . Same for the Horror topic – we are junkies to watch Horror movies and playing horror games so we have a lot inspiration in our minds. Maybe this page will help you to get a bit inspiration for yourself to create some new with your avi ♥

About Sponsors and Blogs

Vivien started to blogging early 2020 and Aramis Dec 2020 because we get request to do it for a few diffrent shops . We will never accept more then 15 sponsors because we see blogging in this way :

♥We prefer to concentrate on the designer sponsors/ event sponsors we have and of course to focus on their products.

♥When we receive inquiries, we often accept if it suits us thematically in order to be able to present the designer in the best possible way.

♥The most important thing for us is inspiration, which means that the smallest item in our mind creates a whole picture.

♥We love to socialise with our sponsors instead of beeing straight buisness orientated . Because we beliefe together we fullfill the expectations of our sponsors in the best way.

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