Hotdog, Lux Aterna & Level9 @ Engine Room March/April 2022

Staring into bright lights
I am what I’ve done
It is useless to hide
An empty chamber
Guess I was part of a plan

Hey there,

the Engine Room Event is in it´s lat days (running till May 20th) and i want to show you a few of it´s awesome items.

Here´s your Airship

Lets Start with the creative hand´s of HOTDOG and it´s SEVENTIES TRENCHCOAT.
The really cool coat comes in sizes for Jake, Gianni, Slink Male, KJ and all Maitreya variants. is aviable in some cool colors or fatpack with the option to choose from them all. so take a look at this!

next is a little detail, LUX ATERNA and the DECOWARE CHEVRON V1 for the face.
This futuristic face implants come in single parts or al linked together so you can play around to make it look awesome on you! included is a HuD for some awesome colors. give it a try 😀

Finaly comes LEVEL9 and its SONGBIRD.
The onewheel rideable is really a fun thing. its wearable or a great picture deco and it´s aviable with some awesome colors! Also includedf are diffrent sizes so it will fit your avi! try it yourself!

Thats all, thank you 😀

Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka Connor EvoX
  • Body – Belleza Jake
  • Hair – Dura NA11
  • Shirt – Don´t Dup T-Shirt ASE (BoM)
  • Pants – Amias Hari Pants
  • Gloves – Cubic Cherry Diem leather gloves BoM
  • Backdrop – K&S No Way Out

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