Blog: E.A.Studio Vertebrus Belly Piercing

Hello my pretty ones, today I want to show you the new belly button piercing by E.A. studios. The Vertebrus Belly Piercing is available for the following bodies: Reborn, Maitreya and Legacy. This piercing is available in 3 colors: silver, gold and black. Available at the Kinky Event

Is not much what she is wearing here, but here are the bodyskin details Im using

  • Body: eBody Reborn
  • Bodyskin: S-00003 ABSEN REAL SKIN -Illusion-TONE 3 (atm @ Cosmopolitan Event)
  • Rips details: TF: Machinist (F) EvoX/BoM (Updated)
  • Veins: Izzie’s – Body Veins & Blemishes
  • Scars : -[TWC]- Getting Better (they are on the arms too)
  • Panties: ED. Ophra Black (@Kinky too)
  • Claws Aramis : L’Emporio&PL::Short Claws::-Female & Male version exist
  • Earrings Aramis: .:E.A.Studio:. BOX UZUMAKI Male version @ Neo-Japan event. ( Original Blog )
  • Hairs Aramis: Dura – U116

If I miss some , so just let me know FB Messanger – Flickr )

E.A.Studios Flickr

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