– cinphul // tempest [hairstick] and Clover – mood crystal –

🌹The Cinphul Tempest are a unrigged hairstick with a resizer script inside. I didn’t stick it in my hair now, but instead built a kind of spine out of it for this photo. You can use these sticks in a variety of ways so let your creativity run free. You get a HUD with 5 metal options. The Hairsticks are available at the Mainframe event . The event runs from July 20th – August 13th 2021

🌹The Clover mood crystal shows everyone how you are really feeling. That is a working crystal that changes colours depending on the words you say in world! Example : The word -mad- change the crystal to red and the world happy change to the color green . 7 different moods with configurable trigger words by notecard and you get a HUD with 6 metal options. The mood crystal you can grab at the Anthem event.

What she is wearing too:

  • Head : LeLutka EvoX Zora
  • Hair: Sintiklia – Hair Titania – Blacks&whites
  • Horns : (CX) – Mara
  • Mask: EVERMORE. [wax.play – mask]
  • Face Tattoo: Own created and not for sale
  • Highback Collar: ::Static:: Royally Laced Highback Collar {Somber} Maitreya only
  • Lily on my shoulder : cinphul // spider lily [hairstick set] @ Mainstore
  • Shoulder pearls : AvaWay RITA Pearl Necklace – Maitreya only
  • Hands: ANTINATURAL[+] Post-Human / Monsterhand BLACK / MAITREYA
  • Fadet Body Tattoo: Clover – Tainted tat @ Mainstore
  • Bodysuit combo: CURELESS[+] Anatomical Venus / M / Visceral Temple / RARE + CURELESS[+] Entropy Collar

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