Sn@tch Hexe Swimsuit , Pixelancer ~ Scorpion , Wicca’s Originals – Raha Armguards and Lenore- Sinful Face Tattoo (Gift)

Sn@tch Alternative Clothing Hexe Swimsuit is Necrosis Exclusive and comes for following bodies : Altamura, Belleza Isis and Freya, Ebody Curvy, Kupra Low and Bimbo, Legacy & Perky, Maitreya & Petite, Slink Hourglass, Tonic fine, mini and curvy. You get a HUD with 34 colors that you can wear the color you prefer .

⭐ The Pixelancer Scorpion is a beautiful detailed pet which you can rez on your sim where it wanders or you can wear it on your avatar as follower pet . The cool thing are that they will give someone a baby too. Light & Dark version , 3 prims / 3 li at default size , 6 unscripted props for decoration.

⭐The Wicca’s Originals Raha Armguards comes for following bodies : Maitreya, Legacy (F) and Gianni but you get a unrigged version too . You get a HUD to change 4 diffrent parts in a color you prefer ( 10 colors are available ).

Lenore Sinful Face Tattoo consists of the cross on the forehead and on the mouth / chin and is one of a lot gifts at the Necrosis Event. This tattoo is BoM and for Classic/EvoX heads .

You like it ? Then grab it at the Necrosis Event . The event runs from July 30th and goes to August 13th.

What she is wearing too:

  • Head: LeLutka EvoX Zora
  • Hair: Sintiklia – Hair Titania – Blacks&whites
  • Crown: .random.Matter. – Shinobu Crown
  • Mantle: .random.Matter. – Shinobu Mantle
  • Left Earring: SEKA’s HELLion Earrings
  • Necklace combination : Vibing — Ember Collar — Onyx + Vibing — Mara Set — Onyx
  • Gloves: [Cubic Cherry] {Diem} leather gloves BLACK
  • Nails: RAWR! Marina Nails
  • Hand bruises: Hand Bruises V1 +BOM+
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Wicca´s Originals Flickr

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