Embrace it

Absence, Core&Gore, LÉmporio&PL and Tsukuyomi @ Abstrakt Event April Round 2022

There are two paths you can take
You can aim to please and satisfy
And keep lying to yourself
Or you can step into the darkness
Look around you it is everywhere
And embrace your freak I’ll lead you there

your ride

Hello there,

Today i want to show you some of the awesome products that are aviable at the ABSTRAKT Event that runs since April 15th!

Let´s begin with the ELIZABETH body Tattoo by ABSENCE,
This beautyful Tattoo comes with The option to choose from full version or only body without neck or neck only, it´s EvoX compatible but there are also „normal“ BoM layers included. With the option to choose from 3 fade states you got all what you need to get some new ink on your skin 😀

Next is done by CORE&GORE. The SHARK FACE MASK is a really cool facepaint that comes for all BoM driven heads and EvoX heads. you can choose from some cool colors or take the fatpack and get the option to tint it yourself 😀

LÈMPORIO&PL have made this cool SPARTAN CHEST HARNESS and i really like it! The harness comes in seperately sold Body packs for: Gianni, Jake Legacy Male and Kario Fit&FLex or get the fatpack for all versions. in all packs is a Massive Hud with some cool color options for the leather and the Metals so get your hands on this 😀

And finaly comes TSUKUYOMI with the beauty LYN Horns! the unrigged Horns come with the option to color the Horns in some nice Teytures as well as the Pearls and the Ribbons! so you can make it look like you want to. Also Tsukuyomi brings some nice Butterfly face tatto´s for you as a gift (not in picture) you should take a look at this for sure!

Thats all for now thank you!

Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka Kane EvoX
  • Body – Legacy Male
  • Hair Dura U116
  • Ears – LÉmporio Athan 2.0
  • Rings – LÉmporio Errant
  • Nails – Conviction The Claws
  • Backdrop – Paleto Ijo88

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