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Dreamcatcher & rise Design @ Necrotize October/November 2021

Once another gave me his blood.
It now lives on and on in me.
He didn’t ask me if I want
he spoke no mortal word.
If I have to go down now
I just hold on to you
I am not an avenger who destroys.
I’m a creator tonight

I have a gift for you.
It’s the best I have
I want something of me to stay
that’s why I want to give it to you
in this life.

All featured items aviable at the Necrotize Event running since October 20th

Dreamcatcher – Necromancer´s Shoulder Pads

These awesome detailed shoulder Pads come unrigged to you and are resizeable via edit menue! included is a Hud with several color and Blood options and the option to make the Blood more or less transperant! get it here

Rise Design – Isocres Mask

the creepy mask comes in versions for left and right and is fully resizeable! it comes with a hud to change the color of mask horns and the Eye so you can make it the look you want it!
get it here

Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka River EvoX
  • Body – Maitreya Flat
  • Hair – Modulus Alfiie
  • Top – Moon Elexir Astrid chest amor
  • Arms – Azoury Depersonalisation Arms
  • Pants – Toksik Invasion Arms
  • cloak – Dreamcatcher Vampire cloak
  • Tunnel – E.A. Studio Inazuma Plug @ Mainstore
  • Tattoo – Endless Pain Einar
  • Backdrop – Varonis Domenburg scene

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