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Wrath – Somnium Blog

In the tail of the comet
In front of night-black clouds
I descend from heaven burning
The hand holds the fire
My mind the knowledge
I carry commandments of the gods to the grave

I bring you fire
Recognizing the Power
I bring you fire
The wrath of the gods to the world

Somnium – Necrolord’s Dreadplate

This awesome Avatar replacement comes to you in Fatpack or in 6 single colors. in the Package is a full body alpha so you don´t need to take of your body 😀 get this awesome piece of epicness at the Epiphany (running from October 15th till November 12th) Teleport

Also used:

  • Sword – Fantastical Notion Azurite Blade
  • Backdrop – Cerberus Crucifix Corridor

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