cinphul // council of flesh [dress] , Human Glitch // WTCHVRM / Gloves & Rivendale ~ Reaper Scythe @ Midnight Order Event

+This Dress has touch my heart as a passionate Tzimisce VtM Player . The council of flesh Dress from Cinphul comes for following bodies : Maitreya, Legacy F, Kupra/kups, Belleza Jake and Legacy Male. You get a 2 HUDs to change the color from the dress and the claws . 7 colors are available. You get a cover too but i have add them as pasties *hihi*

+The stunning created Gloves from Human Glitch comes for following bodies : Maitreya, Legacy F, Kupra, Legacy M and Signature. Single packs comes with a 6 color hud and the Fatpack with 18 colors get a bonus / bill / red / metallic red.

+The Rivendale Reaper Scythe comes in 3 diffrent colors: Dark, Gaudy and Vintage. You get for each color a Hand an back version and if you click on the scythe then they moves from hand to back with an animation. A HUD with 7 different hold animations are included too.

Here is your taxi to the Midnight Order Event from Second Life Syndicate.

What she is wearing/using too in this picture:

  • Backdrop: K&S – // Moonlight. backdrop ( i have change the water color and the backround
  • Throne: [CX] Cerberus‘ Throne
  • Flesh Deco on the left side from the Throne: cinphul // azrexok [pillar] @Mainstore
  • Head: LeLutka EvoX Zora
  • Hair: TRUTH – Curious VIP gift
  • Crown: cinphul // hellguard [crown] @Mainstore
  • Blindfold and side crown: ::Axix:: Impious Crown [Onix]
  • Underbrust Corset: [Salem] Lilith Corset // Metal
  • Shoe ( without the spider on my ankle) : HUMAN GLITCH // JNECWHII / PLATO MINIMAL MIX (wear)
Midnight Order Flickr
Cinphul Flickr

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