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Tips and Tricks

-+10 Tips to get more realistic look+-

  • Since BoM was published in SL, I can only recommend this system because you can’t add so many details with appliers ! Therefore, all the tips here in this list are related to BoMImportant point are that you ADD them and NOT wear !
  • As many of you already know, BoM is a layer system where the textures are often uploaded to HD. And that is important otherwise you end up only with mud on the mesh body. The old system layers therefore only work to a limited extent in order to get a good result
  1. First we come to the skin, which is the basis. Personally, I prefer to use a full skin. That means a skin where you don’t have to put on the head area separately as a tattoo layer. A complete skin prevents stupid neck transitions and generally looks much better and smoother on the entire mesh. Nuve and Session skins create complete skins (on my pic I wear one from Nuve – MP Link)
  2. BoM is a layer system which means that you shouldn’t wear the layer in a random order. That means, on the basis of the skin, you should first add the details. First of all, I put the veins and blemishes over them because then they are more realistic and discreet on the body and not like painted blue lines. I use my from Izzie´s – MP Link <— Body and Face —-> MP Link
  3. The next layer is the mole and freckles for body and face . This layer is now automatically drawn over the veins and skin. It is like in RL, the veins are „actually“ under the skin, then the mole come over them. I use my from Session but all other works fine too
  4. Now we dedicate ourselves to the face where you add the eyebrows (if you don’t want to use them from the skin). I always wear different ones because the skin on my head often looks too thick and too wide, which looks strange with my self-made shape. For myself I prefer this eyebrows – Simple Bloom – MP Link
  5. The best way to achieve details for the eyes is to use lower shadows or creases under the eyes. That would be the next step for the next layer you need to add. For myself I only use a undereye eye shadow because the creases looks too strong on my head. The under eye blush i created alone but you can use others too. Important are that they are not to dark and strong because is just a effect !
  6. The next part is the main eyeshadow. You can choose what you want. However, I always recommend darker tones because it brings out the eyes better. I wear always over the undereye eyeshadow one from Izzie´s because isnt strong and you can combinate it with eyeliner or a second eyeshadow that you can get a unique and special effect to make your eyes magical . MP Link
  7. You can usually always add lipsticks, no matter which layer position you use for it, as the lips are often not influenced by the other layers. Unless you want a scar under your lipstick. I still prefer to use appliers for this because you can set how strongly they are visible in the HUD of the head. With LeLutka this is the case in the HUD and for my part I only wear LeLutka.
  8. Skin reddening would now be the next level of the layers. But that is a matter of taste, whether you like it or prefer to leave the skin smooth. I always wear slight reddening of the skin on my body. There can be a better effect especially on pictures. On very bright skins, however, it looks too extreme and the avatar looks downright beaten. I prefer to use some from TWC ( The white crow ) and Duckie
  9. Tattoos should always be chosen last because otherwise you have all the other layers on top, which gives a really creepy effect.
  10. A other little tip . I wear mesh eyelashes from aii and not the one from the Head HUD . With mesh eyelashes you dont have this blend effect if you wear Hair with bangs . With BoM you dont have the blend effects too on your body/head if you wear a tattoo . With appliers sometimes happend that your tattoo is hidden arround the hair.

The best thing is to experiment a little, only these little tips are intended for people who have difficulties and don’t really understand the BoM system yet. I know that there are still a few because I get written very often why my avatar looks the way it does. I made a simple portrait of my doll to show how it looks in SL ultra graphics and maybe some of the little tips will help you ♥

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