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Blog : BeSpoke

“ I know how hungry you are, my heart …. đź’›“

BeSpoke created the Faceless head for the Wicked Events : Holiday of Horrors . Here are the details of what comes with the head :

– 2 Head versions : Normal and Noseless Head
– Female and Male Neck sizes
– FullBody Skin for Male and Female
– HUD with Animations / Expressions and to show / hide the ears
– BoM Face overlays to make the eyes / mouth more dark/light
– EvoX compatible so you can use all your EvoX BoM layers

Try the head now here , at the Wicked Event: Holiday of horrors

What she is wearing/using too in this picture

Backround stuff :

  • Stone Wall : (Fundati) Ruins Desierta Set
  • Mushrooms : [CC] Slimedrip Mushrooms Set- Pink
  • Soft Fog effect : LuluB! – Midnight – Memory. ( the cloud in it )

( All items are mod so you can change the colors in it and transperency )

Avatar stuff :

  • Neck Part : CURELESS[+] Entropy Collar (v.1)
  • Body : Maitreya + V-Tech Chest
  • Hand Eyes and Finger Mod : Demonic Touch + {aii & ego}
  • Soft Skin details : TF: Machinist (F) EvoX/BoM

If I miss some , so just let me know FB Messanger â€“ Flickr â€“ or directly inworld : Lamohra Resident ) 

For Ash´s Stuff FB Messenger â€“ Flickr or directly inworld Iridas Resident

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