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Soul Collector

Bespoke@Mainstore // Tanaka @ Tokyo Zero // Zeroichi @ Access November 2022

Hey hey,

Today I have some really awesome things to show and I hope you like them as much as I do!

Bespoke made the wonderfull looking Egyptian Jackal Head! This EvoX supporting head comes with a Basic Skin for eas Body/Head and eyes. Also Included is a Huge Animation HuD and Materials for Omega, Reborn, Kupra and Legacy! You can get additional skins for it to make it look more personal! For my version I choosed the „Rot“ Skin to make it more… undead^^
Get this at the Bespoke Maine Store

TanakaxTrevor comes to the Tokyo Zero event that starts November 10th with the Huge Sanctum Punisher! This weapon comes with tons of animations and some awesome functions included! That give you all the needs to collect some souls 😀
Ride to Tokyo Zero

Zeroichi made the amazing Rainy Alley Backdrop for the Access November round that starts November 12th! This Backdrop has several spots to shoot awesome pictures and comes in Mod and light/mod version! get it at the Access Event here

That´s all, thank you 😀

Ash Wears:

  • Body – Belleza Jake
  • Coat – Somnium Supplicant of the Depths Robes@Mainstore
  • Body Metal – Somnium Collar of the Depths @Mainstore
  • Skirt – Somnium Soul Harvesters Grasps@Mainstore
  • Gloves/Hands – Somnium Soulharvesters Bindings@Mainstore

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