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Shard // Sixx-Wrait //Stargazer @ Necrotize October 2022

Sometimes we succeed in imprisoning the terrors of the Infinite Reaches. But eventually they will escape and slowly, very slowly they will cling to our minds

The Necrotize Event gathers the most creative designers in SL and brings you creepy and extraordinary creations

Ride to Necrotize

Shard made the amzing Makilltosh bots. These Animesh companions come with some awesome Animations (even a Dance!!) and with the Hud you can change between some awesome styles and Screen emojiis!

Sixx/Wraith made the Sexy Kitrina Set! this is sold in Body packs for: Reborn, Erika, Kupra, Legacy and Maitreya. You can Wear the Top, corsage and Panty seperated and also textureise it with some awesome colors!

Stargazer made the beautyfull looking Norrsken Violet Skin for female bodys! It´s inlcuding the skin with EVOX support, Eyes and Ears and also Materials for Ebody, GenX, Legacy Maitreya and Lelutka! Also included layers for the tattoos seperated!

Thats all, Thank you 😀

Ash Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka Ora
  • Body – Ebody Reborn
  • Hair – Monso Yor
  • Pasties – Ayo Pasties
  • Backdrop – Paleto Lab X2

Event Store Links:

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