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Hall Monitor

Asteroidbox. @ Mainstore // Sekai @ Legacy Halloween Fair // Six Feet Under @ Hallow Mannor Event October 2022

Hey hey,

Today I have 3 awesome things from my beloved sponsorsAsteroidbox., Sekai and Six Feet Under. I decided to make something like a Zombie apocalypse in a High school. I hope you enjoy ^^

Asteroidbox made the Serpant Sidearms. These awesome loking accesoire comes in sizes for: Ebody Reborn, Maitreya, Legacy F&M and Jake. With the Included Hud you can choose if you want to wear it on Both arms or only one like I did for this picture. Also Included are some Nice Poses Including to hold the Knives in your Hands! With the HuD you can change between some awesome Textures! The Set is aviable at the Mainstore here

Sekai made the Torn Tanktop and this is just done amazing! This Bloody ripped shirt comes in sizes for Jake and Legacy M. You can grab it in 10 colors or fatpack and it is aviable at the Legacy Halloween Fair that rund since October 16th! Here´s your ride

And Six Feet Under made the beautyful Awakening Coffin that you can see in the Back! This decorative coffin can be opend and closed by Click comes in Black and Brown as one pack and includes a Laying animation! Grab this at the Hallow Mannor Event here

That´s all, thank you 😀

Ash Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka Connor
  • Body – Belleza Jake
  • Hair – Dura B122
  • Face Scars – The Skinnery Creature
  • Neck Scars – Cubic Cherry Scortched Wounds
  • Body Scars – The White Crow Hurts on winter
  • Rings – Lémporio Errant
  • Pants – Asteroidbox – Orther Set @ Mainstore
  • Boots – LÉmporio Zohar
  • Zombie Head – Magnetic Severed Zombie Head
  • Baseball bat – Tanaka Chained Baseball Bat @Mainstore
  • Backdrop – Paleto last Class

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