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Blog : Belleza Gen.X with AsteroidBox. and Not Found

“ Just switch off …. đź’•“

The Belleza Gen.X event has this beautiful corset by AsteroidBox. and the skin by Not Found ready for you. Here are a few more details:

° AsteroidBox. created the Livia Corset with pasties for you. The corset is available for the following bodies: B. Gen.X Classic & Curvy, eBody Reborn, Legacy (+Perky), Maitreya (+Petite + Flat). In each single color pack you have a HUD where you can color the pasties, panties, waist belt and back lacing. There are 5 metals and 16 textures available. In addition, the HUD has the option of showing and hiding the pasties and panties. In the Fatpack you can of course let off steam with all colors in combinations.

° Not Found created the Hera Belleza X Body Skin for you which come in 16 tones (9 Light/7 Dark). Each package will include the following: 7 Body types, 1 Shape, 2 Cleavage options and 3 Nipple options. Two UV maps for the feet (Custom/SL) will be included too in each pack. In my picture I wear the peach color in delicate skin style.

° In my picture I’m wearing the Belleza Gen.X Classic, which is the petite variant next to Curvy. You can also get this body at the Gen.X event, which comes with some extras. For example skins, Addams lingerie, Mon Cherie underwear and NX-Nardcotix shoes.

You can get everything and much more at the Belleza Gen.X event

-What she is wearing too in this picture-

  • Head: LeLutka EvoX ORA
  • Hair : MINA – Avril
  • Nails : Belleza Gen.X Body nails ( Black nail polish comes via HUD )
  • Lipstick : ~Little Foxy B.~ WildSide Lipstick Pack1 (LeL EvoX)
  • Face Skin – Face Tattoo – : Own created and not for sale

f I miss some , so just let me know ( FB Messanger – Flickr – or directly inworld : Lamohra Resident ) 

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