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Blog: SFU, Sixx/Wraith , Badwolf and E.A. Studio SL

“ My passion …. đź’•“

I hope your Saturday starts relaxed? Today I would like to introduce you to four wonderfully created items.
E.A.Studio – Badwolf – Six Feet Under – Sixx . Wraith

° .:E.A.Studio:. created the unrigged Shakatu Hairpins for you. You get them for the L/R side + a HUD with 3 metals, 6 leather and 6 targhet textures. A resizer is via HUD available.
– Available at E.A.Studio Mainstore

° Badwolf created the Constrictor Armbands . This high detailed armbands in the form of one of my favorite animals is available for the following bodies : eBody reborn, Maitreya, Legacy and Kupra. For the Maze Soft Arms only. You get a HUD with a total of 8 textures to change the color from the snake in a color you prefer.
– Available at Kinky Event

° SFU created the Paimon Nose Set for you which consists of the spikes, the cross and the septum. You get a HUD where you can hide/show each part and the option to color every part in a color you prever. 8 metals are available. You can resize the piercing easy with the resizer script inside.
– Available at Men only Event

° – sixx . wraith created the unrigged Leviathan Choker . This choker comes with 20 leathers and 11 metals via HUD. In the HUD you can also select the individual parts to color them individually
-Available at Melody Sour

I wish everyone a restful and relaxing weekend đź’•

What she is wearing too in this picture

  • Head : LeLutka EvoX ORA
  • Body : eBody Reborn
  • Hair: MINA – Eefje – Naturals
  • Hairbase : Tableau Vivant – leLutka EvoX Hairbase 17
  • Lashes : Moon. Cosmetics // Static Lash Set 01
  • Cheek Tunnel : IVY – Gruesome Cheek Plugs – METAL
  • Hand Ropes: L’Emporio&PL::Boran::- HANDS ROPE – [Black]
  • Finger Add-on : Demonic Touch + {aii & ego}
  • Armband : RE Painful Love Bracelet Female @ Satan Inc.
  • Neck/Arms Scars : -[TWC]- Getting Better
  • Snake : Rezz Room – Python Animesh
  • Face Skin – Face Tattoo – Neck Tattoo and Body Details : Own created and not for sale

f I miss some , so just let me know ( FB Messanger – Flickr – or directly inworld : Lamohra Resident ) 


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