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NeoJapan Event Blog : S-Club, TWC and Kunst

„MidNight…. đź’™“

Today I would like to introduce you to 3 more items that can be obtained at the Neo Japan SL event

° [TWC] ( The white crow ) created the stunning Ex Kitsune Eyes for you. These eyes are available in a total of 8 colors: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, White and Yellow. In my picture I wear the white version. You get the Eyes in BoM and as Mesh Eyes for the L/R side.

° [ kunst ] created the Katana Set for you. This set consists of the necklace and the earrings that I am wearing in my picture. They are available for male and female . You also get a HUD where you can color different parts with the 9 metals that are available.

° S-Club created the Jin Hair for you . The hair will have 3 differents packs for you! Includes both men’s and women’s styles. BASIC 1 hairstyle + base colors . DELUXE 4 hairstyles + base colors +tint colors. FATPACK (includ basic+deluxe) + exclusive hairstyles/colors/accessories.

You like it ? Feel free to take a look at the NEO Japan Event and discover a lot more there

What she is wearing/using too in this picture

If I miss some , so just let me know FB Messanger â€“ Flickr â€“ or directly inworld : Lamohra Resident ) 


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