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Little Foxy B & Fewness @ Planet 29 October 2022 // Sixx/Wraith @ Melody Sour October 2022


Today I want to show up 2 Awesome products you can grab at the Planet29 Event that just started!

Ride to Planet29

And the newest release by Sixx/Wraith, so let´s go!

Little Foxy B madee the beautyful looking Scream Lipstick! This is aviable in 4 Style packs (some with scars some without and some with Blood) also aviable in Fatpack for EvoX based heads!

Fewness comes with the Witch´s Couldron Gauged. They are made for Swallow´s gauged ears in normal and Pixie for Female and male, You get a Huge HuD with them to choose from some nice metals and Colors for the stones!

And Sixx/Wraith has made the really stunning little Leviathan choker! You can grab this at the Melody Sour Eventthat started October 1st! It is unrigged and so you can wear it what ever your Avi might be is 😀 You get a Huge hud to choose from several colors and MEtals to make it fit to your look!
Ride to Melody Sour

That´s all, thank you 😀

Ash Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka Ora
  • Body – Ebody Reborn
  • Hair – Action Inkubator Sparrow
  • Eyes – Storybook Eclipse
  • Piercing – Six Feet Under Atom Nose & Typhoon nose piercings @ Mainstore
  • Hand tattoo – Rakato Skelleton Hands
  • Hand mod – Aii Demonic touch
  • All other Tattoo´s selfmade by Vivien De´lancoure

Event Store Links:


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