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Cubic Cherry // Monso // Static // SAC @ Neo Japan Sep/Oct 2022

Hey there,

the Neo Japan event is running and belive me it is just amazing what things you can grab there! It dosen´t matter what kind of stuff you are looking for all of them is just awesome!

Ride to Neo Japan

Here i want to show you a bit more Sci-Fi Combat style inspired things so enjoy and get in cover!

Cubic Cherry made the stylish Labda Bodysuite! This is a Fully BoM suit so you can use it as a Base for a lot of outfit creations! It Comes in some really nice done colors and you will have a Male and Female version for it so the lining fits to the Body!

Monso made the beautyful Yor Hair. This comes Rigged in Severeal sizes to fit your head! You can grab single colors or the Fatpack! With the HuD you can change the textures of the Flowers or take them off and you get 2 Styles (one „normal“ one Wind) included!

Static created the fierce looking NeoKnight Gauntlets. The come in sizes for Reborn, Freya, Kupra, Legacy F & Maitreya! You can wear both side seperated and with the Hud you can choose some amazing textures for them!

SAC comes with the M9 Sword Pistols. And if you ever buyed something from them you know you get a huge package. There are Bullet Props, tons of animations stuff for you to wear like Holsters and and and..
The Pistols alone a so detailed i could write a whole story about this fact! Take a look at them!
Also from SAC is the pose i use for the Picture. This is Pose 3 from the Sword Pistol Pose Pack you can get at the event too!

That´s all, Thank you!

Ash Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka Ceylon EvoX
  • Body – Ebody Reborn
  • Belt – Poonsh Sandra Belt (part of sandra set) @ mainstore
  • Soft Theighs – ED Ginger
  • Backdrop – Paleto Lab X2

Store Links:

Neo Japan Flick // Facebook // Website // Teleport

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