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Your Heart

Tenebre & Spells&Charms @ Planet 29 August September 2022

Hey there, the Planet 29 Event is still runni8ng and you should take a look of all the beautyful things you can get there!

Ride to Planet29

I´ve selected 2 of all the awesome stuff to show you today so let´s start 😀

First we have the really stunning looking Bloody Liner by TENEBRE! This one comes for EvoX in BoM and since it is editable you can play with it a bit, also you can wear only one side ir both to give you a bit moore room to play with your looks! And you get a tiny bloody heart for your noosetip as a little extra with it 😀

The other thing is the amazing Tender Heart holdable by Spells & Charms! this comes with a included Holding animation (not in picture) and in 6 Colors! the Heart sparkles and moves in the object so you get a really cute item to carry around 😀 check it out at the event!

That´s all, thank you! 😀

Ash wears:

  • Head – Lelutka Ceylon EvoX
  • Body – Ebody Reborn
  • Hair – Magika Cure
  • Headpiece – Zibska Lirain
  • Piercings – Six Feet Under Strapped Nosering/ Atom Nose Set/ Athame Nose Chain @Mainstore
  • Neck: Static Agrace Choker & Ghast Feather mantle
  • Necklace Badwolf Auja
  • Bolero – Minuit Ashe (shirt)
  • Hand Ropes – LÉmporio Boran
  • Finger Alteration – Aii Demonic touch
  • Eyes – TF Mort
  • Backdrop – Varonis Nighted

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