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corvus vigilia

Bespoke // Damaged Society @ Mainstore

Hey there.

today i want to take you into the realms of myth and fantasy! I made this one with 2 old but gold items of my sponsors that I want you to look at and if you do why don´t peak into their Mainstores cause i bet you will find something more for you there 😀

Let´s start with the incredible detailed Karasu Tengu Head by Bespoke(Contraption. For this amazing head both creative Minds came together and made a piece of just wow! It is unisex and has some aditional addons included, A basic Skin, Eyes, eyeliner, whiskers beak textures. Like allways you can get more skins at the Store so check it out at the Bespoke Mainstore

The other item comes from Damaged society and is the absolute amazing Amored Sleeve. This armor inspired shirt comes in sizes for Jake and Legacy Male. And you can get it in some awesome colors or fatpack! just check it out at the Damaged Society Mainstore

Ash Wears:

  • Body – Belleza Jake
  • Hair – Dura B98
  • Body Feathers – Aii&Ego Avian Ibrida
  • Pants – Matova Rivia Breaches
  • Moon&Clouds – LuluB Yokai Nights
  • Tree – (Fundati) Ashes Tree Set (A)
  • Feathers – Air_Ciel wing (black)_CM*
  • Building – Nomad old ruins
  • „cave“ – (Fundati) Ruins Wall IV w/ivy

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