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Six Feet Under // Virtasy // Enrage @ Command Event August Round 2022

Hey there,

Today I want to show you some more of the amazing stuff you can grab at the ongoing round of the command event! the event will be running until September 2nd, so go there and look at all the things waiting for you! 😀

Ride to Command Event

First I want you to look at the really amazing Talon Earrings´s by the fine Hands of Six Feet Under!
They come for EvoX ears (Human&Elf, M&F) and with them you get a massive HuD to choosen from some well done Metal textures in a wide range of colors! Also you can Blend in and out any part of it soyou can combine them with other Earrings and that´s a Huge plus at least for me 😀


Next things you should look at is the creative Blush Eyeliner by Virtasy! It´s BoM based for Lelutka EvoX heads you get it in some Nice colors but what´s really awesome about it is the fact to get it in Left and right Single layer´s. So you can make two diffrent color styles with it and this is just outstanding good!
For the pic i layerd it over my personal Eyeliner to get a Darker effect so check it out for yourself!

And last but for sure not least, comes the chill looking Jarrod Shirt by Enrage! this Tank style shirt comes in sizes for: Jake Kario Fit/Flex, Signature Davis and Legacy Athletic! you can get it in Single Colors ort Fatpack and choose from Blank Style or 9 diffrent Prints to put them on it 😀

That´s all thank you 😀

Ash Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka Connor EvoX
  • Body – Belleza Jake
  • Hair – Dura U115
  • Necklaces – Real Evil Nox Pentagram & The Forge Crank
  • Horns – Codex Malphas Horns
  • Armguards – Cerberus Crossing Ruffian
  • Nails – LÉmporio Short Claws
  • Backdrop – Paleto Byggnad U1

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