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Bespoke//Sixx//Unholy @ Midnight Order July/August 2022

Hey hey,

The Midnight order Slowley comes to it´s final day´s so if you didn´t allready have taken a look at the awesome event location, go, now! 😀

Ride to Midnight Order

Bespoke has made two amazing heads for this round and here you can take a look at the Succubus Qarinah Head. This female head comes with Eyes, Horns, Ears, Teeth, Eyelashes and full EvoX support so you can use all stuff that you allready own on it! Also included is a Basic SKin but you can grab more! You should take a look for yourself 😀

Sixx – Wraith made the Fitting Underworld set for the Head! this comes in sizes for Maitreya (Lara&Flat) Reborn (+Juicy), Legacy F&M, Jake and Gianni! You can wear ever part seperately and Blend out the Top (like i did here) the Panty and you can choose bettween a normal Panty or i Bulged one! Also you have some awesome colors to choose from so there shouldn´t be any wishes left for this piece of fashion! Ohh and Sixx just became a sponsor of mine! Thanks for the trust 😀

Finaly we have the really fantastic looking Asmodeus Horns by Unholy! The come with a huge loaded HuD and you can resize them to make them fit just perfect to your head! Best you try them for yourself at the event 🙂

That´s all, Thank You!

Ash Wears:

  • Hair – No_Match No Rust
  • Body – Ebody Rebon + Juicy Boobs
  • Soft Arms – Badwolf Astrid Armband
  • Pentagram – DRD – MM1 – Wiccan Pentagram
  • Hands – Part of [Cerberus Xing] x Insomnia Angel – „deadly end“ door
  • Backdrop – Paleto Evil Night

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