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Poonsh @ Ebento August 2022 // Sekai Happy Weekend Sale 13th August 2022

Hey there,

Today I like to present you two really amazing items, plus I´m happy to announce Poonsh as a new sponsor! Thanks for the trust since im still new to female Blogging!

And here we have the newest Release by Poonsh! The Jackie Bodysuite And Boots! This beautyfull item is retextured and comes with a new HuD. Sizes are: Legacy, Perky, Reborn, Kupra, Kups, Belleza and Maitreya! you can get it in 14 Colors and the Boots, as the name tells you, are included! so get it at the Ebento Event with a 25% Discount!

Sekai has the creepy lovely Dae’monic Set for you at the Happy Weekend Sale! this BoM Based face „carving“ comes with Mesh razors for Face and Mouth but you can, like I did use them the way you want 😀 I choosed the Blood Soul version. The „normal“ Version comes without the Razors and is cosmetic based instead of the carving. As Holdable you´ll get a make-up Brush!
Get it here at the Sekai Mainstore

That´s all thank you 😀

Ash Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka Inez EvoX
  • Body – Ebody Reborn
  • Hair – Yomi Polina Hair
  • Necklace – Orsiny Aimy Necklace
  • Hand Pearls – Meva Noelle
  • Bracelete – Michan Morgan
  • Soft Arms – Torment Generic
  • Face Piercing – Six Feet Under Esmeray @ Mainstore
  • Earrings – DAE PxP
  • Hand Tattoo – Rakato Skelleton Hands
  • Pose – Lavarock Poses Fem Bento pose 02 (mirror)


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