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Skoll//Lilithé//Rise Design//Cubic Cherry @ Midnight Order July/August 2022

Hey there,

The midnight Order is still running till August 20th and at it´s Halftime! And with this little dark Fantasy inspired Picture i want to show you some of the amazing things you can grab there!

Ride to Midnight Order

Skoll has the really awesome looking Latona Corse for you, you can get it in sizes for Reborn,Legacy (F,Perky and Male!) and Signature Davis! so this is unisex! with the Fatpack you can choose from some really nice Leather colors and the top layer is seperately wearable and you can colorize it via HuD!

Lilithe´made the perfect Matching Tattoo as colab for the Corse. The Latona Tattoo comes in 2 versions (i choosed the v2) and 4 fade states! it is fully BoM and comes in Male and Female optimized versions with EvoX support!

The beautyful Valentine Gloves are made by Cubic Cherry and you can get them in sizes for Reborn, Erika, Kupra, Maitreya, Legacy F&M, Jake and Gianni: With the hud you can choose from a bunch of nice leather and Metal textures to find the combination you prefer!

And finaly we Have the Morrigan set by Rise Design! This Headpiece and Necklace comes unrigged and resizeable. and with the HuD you can choose from a load of amazing textures for nearly everything! so check it out!

Ash Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka Inez EvoX
  • Body – Ebody Reborn
  • Hair – Dura U102
  • Ears – Aii Fantasy Bento Ears III Imp
  • Veil – Aii Heavenly Hagoromo
  • Lily´s – CLAV Archer lily
  • Moon&clouds – LuluB Yokai nights bloodmoon
  • crows – CKit Falconry_animesh Raven_ShoulderPets

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