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Hunter´s Dream

Ederigon // Static // Requisition @ Midnight Order July/August 2022

Hey there, Midnight Order is comming for you! (starting july 20th) And i love to present you again some of the incredible items you can grab there!

Ride to Midnight Order

Starting with Ederigon´s Sentinel Helmet.
And i only can say i Love it! it is unrigged and resizeable to make it fit on any Head! You have some awesome Color options to play with! Check it for your self 😀

The Order Gauntlets by Static are next! They are so detailed and made a perfect add for this picture! Comming in sizes for Freya, Kupra, Reborn, Legacy F&M and Maitreya and packed with a nice Metal HuD you should take a closer look at them for sure!

Requisition´s Beasthunter´s Electro Mace makes the final piece in this! And if you where ever stock in a Dream filled with monsters i can say this is the weapon of choice! Comming in two sizes with some nice animations and the option to switch the electro effect this is an awesome package you can grab at the Midnight Order!

Ash Wears:

  • Body – Beleza Jake
  • Body Suit – Cubic Cherry Hikaru Suit (BoM)
  • Harness – LÈmporio Spartan
  • Pants – Toksik Invasion Pants
  • Mask – Lanevo Freeza Mask
  • Back Veils – Aii&Ego Heavenly Hagoromo
  • Backdrop – K&S Dream Garden

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