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Bespoke @ Mainstore // Tanaka @ Alpha // Zeroichi @ Mainframe July 2022

Hey there,

Today i have 2 new and one old but Gold products to show!

First we got Zeroichi´s newest Backdrop „Gate“ this awesome Cyberpunk style Backdrop comes in version with light´s and without and is aviable at the Mainframe event that starts on July 20th!
Here´s your ride: Ride to Mainframe

Next is Tanaka´s Chained Baseball Bat and this is a really awesome one! you got some diffrent styles and a good amount of animations with it! so this will be fun! get it at the Alpha Event July round here: Ride to Alpha Event

And finaly comes the lovely designed Usagi Haruka Head from Bespoke! And what else could i say as this is just awesome?! you get ears, theeth diffrent layers for lips and nose an basic HuD with it also a first skin (additional can be bought) and just have an awesome style for your avatar! I choosed a Modern/Cyber style for this just to show up what you can actually do with the Bespoke heads! check this one and so many more at the Bespoke Mainstore

Thats all, Thank You 😀

Ash Wears:

  • Body – Belleza Jake
  • Hair – A&Y Dext Cyber Hair
  • Face Implants – Psycho.Bytes Cyber Implants
  • Outfit – Asteroidbox. Certamaine Outfit @ Mainstore
  • Boots – Asteroidbox Xaid Boots @ Mainstore
  • Gloves – A&Y Cyberpunk Gloves
  • Hoverboard – Sau Motors Hoverboard Lite 15

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