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On Duty

EXCY @ Epiphany & Sekai @ Man Cave Event July 2022

Hello there,

today i want to present you two awesome new items including one new Sponsor!

Excy is a sci-fi/Cyber themed brand and I´m honored to present them ;D
The newest release are the Rixis Gloves. They are aviable at the Epiphany (that is now a instore event) and come in sizes for: Legacy M&F, Signature Gianni, Kupra and Maitreya! With the included HuD you can choose from some awesome Main colors and Glow effects! so give them a try here at the Mainstore: Taxi

Sekai got the Chain Chocker set at the July Round of the Man Cave event! Taxi that starts on July 17th!
The chockers come with 6 textures and are fully resizeable what makes them a perfect add to your style!

so thats all, thank you!

Ash Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka Connor
  • Body – Legacy Male
  • Hair – Dura B117
  • Headband – Tanaka Amegakure Headband @ Mainstore
  • Shirt – Tanaka Shibuya Shirt @ Mainstore
  • Mask – Pscho.Byts Infected Mask
  • Weapon – S.A.C MP18
  • Backdrop – K&S in between

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