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CryBunBun/CryBigBoy, Oneday & 4BIDDEN @ Command Event July 2022

Hey there,

today i want to present you some of the awesome Products you can grab at the comming July Round of the Command Event!
It will start on July 12.
There´s also a big Photo contest running with a load of lindes to win 😀
so check it out here:

Command Event

SO lets start with CryBunBun´s Male Brand CryBigBoy and the Shyboy Shirt. this lovely top comes in sizes for: Gianni, Jake, Kario, Legacy M & Maitreya Flat!
And with the Hud you can solor the Sleeves and the Main shirt sepperately! so you should give it a try 😀

Next comes a bounch of Scars& Wounds! Oneday created not one but three scar packs! All of them are EvoX only BoM!
First we got the Kin Wound. They are placed cross the eye and come in 4 fade states plus options for Left and right.

Next is the Jin Cheong-Woo Wound.
this one is placed above the Brows and comes also in 4 fades and for left and right!

and finaly we have the Yohan Wound. This one is placed on the lips and comes in several diffrent styles so check them out!

Last but not least we have the Wyatt Speedos by 4BIDDN.
with this nice looking speedos you get a whole bunch of awesome textures for the Main part and the Laces! they come in sizes for: Enzo, Gianni, Jake, Kario Fit&Flex and Legacy M!

Thats all for now, thank you 😀

Ash Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka Eon EvoX
  • Body – Belleza Jake
  • Hair – Dura B105
  • Earrings – E.A.Studio Inazuma Plugs
  • Necklace – Peak a Boo Just 4 you choker
  • Nose tape – Diaboli Design Multitext Noseband @ Mainstore
  • Nails – Lémporio Short Claws
  • Rings – LÉmporio Errant

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