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E.A.Studio SL Blog

° E.A.Studio created the Viper Earring Swalow Gauged S earrings for you. The earrings are made for human and pixie ears, for female and male. You get a HUD where you can color each ring with a choice of 3 metal colors. A small snake is wrapped around the tunnel and has 10 skin colors and 7 eye colors to choose from via the HUD. You can also toggle each individual piece on and off to build your perfect combination. The Ear tattoo is included too. Available at the kinky event

° The Erald Bolt choker from E.A.Studio comes with a HUD
where is a resizer script, 6 leather textures, 4 bolt and 2 metal textures inside. Grab it now here at the E.A.Studio Mainstore

What she is wearing too in this picture

  • Head : LeLutka EvoX Ceylon
  • Body: Maitreya with Petite Chest Mod and S&P DOLL Body-Mod
  • Skin: [Utopia] Rima / Undead / Evo X
  • Lashes: Dreamy Downbrushed Tintable Lashes (Lelutka) + {aii} ( updated)
  • Mouth Scars: Jack Spoon. Horror Mouth21 EvoX (BOM only)
  • Tears: (Enfer Sombre*) LeLutka EvoX – Tears – Lili
  • Hair: [Yomi] Tenshi Hair
  • Dress: CK Savage love dress BLACK
  • Teeth: [CX] Strigoi’s Fangs – Natural
  • Teddy: [COMATOSED] Tedonyo The Teddy Bear (Black)

If I miss some , so just let me know FB Messanger – Flickr )


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