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Blog: No.Match_ and Badwolf

Today I would like to introduce you to two more hairs from No.Match and a beautifully designed necklace from Badwolf.

Badwolf – Accessories and Co. created the Auja Necklace for you. The Necklace is unrigged but adapted for female/male. With the resizer script inside you can also adjust the chain really well. You also get a HUD where you can color the metals, the skull and the eyes separately. Available at the Man Cave Event

No.match_ created the no.match_ ~ NO_SUMMERWIND (left) and no.match_ ~ NO_UMBRELLA (right) hairstyles for you .

The No_Umbrella hairstyle comes with and without rings in the hair. In addition, you have 4 HUD variants available: Black/White, Blonde, reds and browns. In each HUD you can change the color of the hair towel (8 colors) and 2 metals are available for you.

The No_Summerwind hairstyle you can get 5 hair colors (black/white, browns, reds, blond and unicorn) each of which has some sub-colors. You can also wear the hair with or without bangs. There are 10 textures available for the hairband in the HUD. Both hair styles are available at the Hair Fair along with several other hair styles.

-What she is wearing too in this picture –

  • Head: LeLutka EvoX Ceylon
  • Body: eBody Reborn (+ the REBORN feat Axolotl – Juicy Boobs &Top – )
  • Bindi :  SFU – Oculus Bindi @ Mainstore
  • Earring combination :  E.A.Studio – Viper Earring Swalow Gauged S @ the Kinky event + = DAE = DartX3 Swallow Gauged S PACK
  • Nose piercings :  Six Feet Under (Second Life) – Beherit nose piercing @ Mainstore  ( Lance and plugs are personaly created and not for sale )
  • Lipstick: ~Little Foxy B.~ Yumeko Lipstick Set 1 (LeL EvoX)
  • Fingers/Nails ( MOD ) : Demonic Touch + {aii & ego}
  • Hand Tattoo: [RAKATO] Skeleton Hand Tattoo
  • Eyeshadow: Mythical Mega Makeup Pack (EvoX) + {Aii} ( Style – Av7 )
  • Neck Wounds: -[TWC]- Getting Better
  • Bracelet: sixx – Jelly Bracelets {FATPACK}
  • Face Skin – Face Tattoo – Neck Tattoo and Body Details : Own created and not for sale

If I miss some , so just let me know FB Messanger – Flickr ) or for Hubbys (Ash´s ) Stuff ( FB Messenger – Flickr )

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