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Blog: Badwolf & No.Match

Today I would like to introduce you to two new items, both of which can be obtained at the Man Cave event:

No.match_ created the unisex no.match_ ~ NO_NOISE hairstyle and you can get them in following colors : Red ( what I´m using in my picture ), Black/White, Blonds and Browns. Each color has several undertones via the HUD as well as 2 hairstyles (one with and one without bangs). You can fit the hair perfect with the resizer script inside .

Badwolf – Accessories and Co. created the Badwolf – Sten Bracelets for you and they are rigged for following bodies : eBody Reborn , Maitreya, Jake , Kupra , Legacy F and M. You can change the colors via HUD from the metals ( 3 colors ) and leather ( 3 colors + the option to hide each side from the bracelets.

Both are available at the Man Cave Event . The event starts today May 17th,2022

What she is wearing too in this picture

  • Backdrop : .PALETO. Backdrop:. Detroit Streets
  • Hairbase: Tableau Vivant – leLutka EvoX Hairbase 07
  • Cig Pack: [CX] Cigs
  • Cig Mouth: [NikotiN] Cigarette Bento – Classic –
  • Necklace: Vibing — Mara Set — Onyx
  • Red dots face : duckie . sordid FATPACK
  • Jeans Vest: -[ vagrant ]- Vittoria Jacket – Black
  • Top: -[ vagrant ]- Vittoria Top – Black
  • Nails: .:Avanti:. Stiletta Nails (with a mesh harness arround)
  • Ear Plugs: .:E.A.Studio:. BOX UZUMAKI FEMALE ELF/HUMAN EVOX @ Mainstore
  • Earrings combinated: = DAE = cross chain evo earring
  • Red Ear Tattoo: .:E.A.Studio:.Swallow Gauged S BOM DELTA1 SHADE/TATTOO (works on LeLu EvoX ears too ) @ Mainstore
  • EyeLashes: Downbrushed Lashes + {aii} (Mesh)
  • Bindi: duckie . torment v.3
  • Eyeshadow: -SU!– Tired Eyebags -Lelutka EVO X and Jack Spoon.Lady J Eye Kit -EvoX
  • Nose Cross :  Six Feet Under (Second Life) – Beherit nose piercing @  Men’s Closet Event  ( Lance and plugs are personaly created and not for sale )
  • Eyes: AG. Sinister Eyes
  • Face Skin – Face Tattoo – Neck Tattoo and Body Details : Own created and not for sale

If I miss some , so feel free to message me FB Messanger – Flickr )

No.Match_ Flickr
Badwolf Flickr

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