Neon Nights

Ederigon, IVY & Verboten @ Tokyo Zero April 2022

This night I will be resurrected
This night is still so young
This night we drink from angelic tongues
Neon blood

Hello everyone,

today i want to show you some more fabulous items of the TOKYO ZERO event that runs since April 10th!
your ride

Let´s Start with the allways Inspireing EDERIGON and the CRYING SKULLS. These awesome decor Skulls you can see in the back come in light and dark versions and are fully resizeable so you can do what ever you want with them and they will allways look shiny cool 😀

next is IVY with the with the GLITCHED TAROT CARD. this is a freaking cool holdable with various texts and you can choose the back design with the included hud. heres a Link for a gif to see the glitch effeckt:

And last but for sure not least the crative hands of VERBOTEN come with the fantastical AIKIGNUSS JINGASA Hat! and this one looks awesome! it comes resizeable and has a hud for various colors and to change the style of the front visor or blend it out so you can make it the way you prefer 😀 oh and in the gif you can see the animations of the hat as well 😀

thats it for now enjoy your day 😉

Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka EvoX Connor
  • Body – Legacy Male
  • Hair – Dura U110
  • Outfit – Heike Dragon Force
  • Glove – Veyard Benuki set Wrist protector
  • Background walls – Dreamcatcher Stone Motiv

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