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Diaboli Design, Krova & Static @ Tokyo Zero April Round 2022

I will defend that, we are the vanquished
And you will not make our decisions
I won’t pretend that, I’m not a victim
Of a world that will not listen
We will rise


today i want to show up some impressive items of the new Tokyo Zero Event round that starts April 10th!
Heres your ride

Starting With KROVA´s SPOOK MASK. This full head Mask that looks really cool comes for Men and female and with the included alpha u can use it without undressing your head and the size makes it easy to wear other things (Hoods ect) so i guess you creative people out there can have a lot of fun with it 😀

This Round STATIC is on the Tokyo Zero Event with some awesome SPINAL INFUSION! and damn this just looks awesome the detailed injectors come with a HuD to choose from some cool colors and so you can use it for nearly everything you can imagine 😀

Finaly we got DIABOLI DESIGN wit this creaive THE LAST PUPPY set! This idea is realy cool and you got 3 Tank versions a holdable a Normal sized and an over sized one to rezz- Also there are many Race´s included. So if you looking for something to fit into your lab…this is maybe the perfect final glimpse 😀

Thats all for now take a look at the event and enjoy your time 😀

Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka Connor Evo X
  • Body – Belleza Jake
  • Scars – The White crow Hurts on Winter
  • Wraps – Somnium Sarashi Wraps (From the Haori Set @ Mainstore)
  • Pants – Hotdog Torn Leg trousers
  • Cables – Black cat poses
  • Backdrop – Paleto LabX2

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