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I hope you are all well ? Today I would like to introduce you to 2 new items created by Diaboli Designs and Six Feet Under đź’™

Diaboli Design created the Succubus Horns im wearing. In my picture I wear the horns twice to play around with them a bit. The horns are slightly animated on the broken side (here’s a gyazo preview: –GYAZO– . With the resizer script inside you can change the horns in a size you need. A colot HUD comes with the horns too where you can change the metal parts and horns in 7 colors. Available at Tokyo Zero – starts April10th, 2022

Six Feet Under (Second Life) created the Minderva Nose Rings for you. This pretty dainty nose piercing comes with a HUD where you can change the color of the barbell, studs, chains and the gems. 8 metals and 9 gem colors available via HUD. Available at The Darkness Event

What she is wearing too

  • Head: LeLutka EvoX Ceylon
  • Body: eBody Reborn
  • Hair: No.Match_ ~ NO Drip @ UBER ( Original Blog )
  • Cross Tattoo under the Googles: Lenore- Sinful Face Tattoo / Classic + Evo X BOM
  • Eyes: AG. Sinister Eyes – Sin
  • Eyebrows: [SB] EvoX AVALON JuliaAir HighArch (SimpleBloom)
  • Eyeshadow/skin : Own created and not for sale
  • Latex Top/arms part: AURICA Scarlet Shirt BLACK
  • Lipgloss : Sunniva – .himawari. Cyberpunk Lipstick
  • Little Horns: [CX] Mara Horns
  • Third Eye: -VALKYR-/ The Third Eye ( i added the eye color via PS. Original they have 4 colors but the colors dont match with that what i wanted for this pic )
  • Nose & side lips scar : MOONLIGHT INSIDE – SCARS 2 TATTOO – CLASSIC & LEL EVO X
  • Cheek rings & side mouth piercings : +AH+ Gate Bento Piercing Female 1.0 + -[TWC]- Invision
  • Lips Piercing: ~LF~ Blair & ~LF~ Wren ( LF = LittleFish )
  • Septum:  RichB.  – Tentacle septum @the Warehouse Sale Event ( Original Blog )
  • Tech Collar: :::SOLE::: FBC Kit Backpack (Black) – NEOJapan
  • Xeno Sticks (left side ) : cinphul // tempest [hairstick] @ Mainstore
  • Latex Collar: AURICA Nancy Collar BLACK
  • Chest Tech Part : :::SOLE::: SA – CL-Joint tech
  • Cat: CURELESS [+] The Twelfth Night / Hungry Yule Cat / STEEL ( ex Gatcha )
  • Nails: L’Emporio&PL::Damned Claws::-Set- eBODY REBORN-V3

If I miss some , so feel free to message me FB Messanger â€“ Flickr )

Diaboli Designs Flickr
Six Feet Under Flickr

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