Winter End

Artemisia, AII&Ego & Zibiska @ Engine Room event March/April 2022

Blustery days of faith
Charged with the energy of the storm
We will modify the new land
Fighting till we shot our bolt
Your old rotten roots won’t last…
Another winter

All Featured items aviable at the Engine Room Event started March 20th!
Your Airship

And again Hello there,

Today i show off some fantasy stuff for the engine room event 🙂
Starting with ARTEMISIA and the wonderfull ROOTS OF TIME STAFF! this holdable item comes with several body aura effects and with little edit skills you can change the Color of all glows! also there is a Holded version for Left and right hands as well as a non animated for better posing included! so check it yourself!

The Next Item comes by AII&EGO and is the SEDUCTRESS CELESTE outfit.
This outfit has a femine touch but can also worn by men! it come with a massive HUD to colorize every part (Metals, fur ect) in the color u want to have! the included sizes are: Maitreya (Lara,Petit,Flat) Reborn LEgacy F (perky) and M, Freya Perky and Jake see it yourself at the event!

and Finally comes ZIBISKA with the LIRAIN set. This artfull combo has EvoX Makeup and The Headpiece plus stole Included and you can colorize it in nearly all colors you can imagine! so the creativity will be in your hands with this one!

Thats all for now 😀

Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka River EvoX
  • Body – Maitreya Flat
  • Hair – Dura U112
  • Body Tattoo – Human Glitch NVWKY
  • Collar – Drunken Brokkr Skera Rakki
  • Moon – Petrichor Lynuen Moonchair
  • Background Build out of LuluB´s Yokai Nights

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