Blog 01. Engine Room Toksik, Air,ET

Today I would like to give you a little insight into what’s available at the Engine Room Event.

– First, there’s AIR, who created these pretty glasses. The glasses are available in gold and silver and can easily be resized in the edit menu.

– Next we have the .ET. Hecate outfit and headpiece which my avatar is wearing. This outfit is available for the following bodies: eBody Reborn 🤍, Maitreya ( + petite ), Legacy ( + Perky) . The outfit consists of the body, the belt and a long skirt in sheer and normal. You can easily adjust the size of the headpiece in the edit menu. Several colors of the outfit are available at the event.

– Last but not least we have Toksik, with the Debonair Coat. This is worn by my husband in the picture. The coat is available for the following bodies: Maitreya (+Flat), Legacy (M&F) and Jake. In the Fatpack HUD you can change the color of different parts in a color combination that you prefer.

Available at March 20th , 2022 at the Engine Room Event

What she is wearing too in this picture

  • Head : LeLutka EvoX Ceylon
  • Hair: Exile:: Shiloh
  • Nails: L’Emporio&PL::Damned Claws::-Set- eBODY REBORN-V3
  • Forehead Tattoo: Lenore- Sinful Face Tattoo / Classic + Evo X BOM
  • Skin + Over Nose Tattoo : Own created and not for sale
  • Lipgloss: ~Shiny Stuffs~ Lelutka EvoX Sittying Pretty
Engine Room Flickr
Second Life Syndicate official

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