Unholy, Don´t Dup & Kreamy @ Tokyo Zero March Round 2022

Heal my wounds, take everything away,
You convocate me
Sick of cycles, drop to zero
A while just like last times
My least favorite re-run
Sick of cycles, I bounce in gray

All featured items are aviable at the Tokyo Zero Event Running till March 25th!
Your ride

Unholy – Serpentem Earrings

Get yourself a new bling with these awesome Earrings by Unholy for Swallows Gauged ears! they come for male and female and have 6 Metal options for every part! also included is a Blend out option so you can choose wich part you might not show! get them at the Tokyo Zero event 😀

Dont´Dup – Ase Shirt

Here you get an awesome Unisex BoM shirt with! it comes in Black pink and white and with the Fatpack you get two bonus versions! also included are plain versions so you can combine it perfect to your outfits!
Take a look at the Tokyo zero event!

Kreamy – Leather Strap phone

Last but not least comes Kreamy´s perfect accesoire! the phone comes in a leather case with 5 color options plus some cool metal and strap options! it comes with a hold animation! get this also at the Tokyo zero event

Aramis wears:

  • Head – Lelutka Connor EvoX
  • Body – Belleza Jake
  • Ears – Swallow Gauged ears
  • Hair – Dura B116
  • Noseband – Antinatural Wired Ghost
  • Jaw – Core&Gore RSX666 (bom)
  • Pants – Tanaka Shibuya Pants @ Mainstore
  • Backdrop – Paleto LABX2

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