Blue Blood, Sokiro & Murder @ Abstrakt Event March round 2022

Everything you know in the focus
Live in the moment
Don’t have to question why
Listen to the sound of the virus
You can’t deny this
Get up and amplify

All featured Items are aviable at the Abstrakt Event March round starting March 10th! your ride waits here

Sokiro – Empusa Glasses

Starting with the Stylish holdable Glasses by Sokiro! the come 5 diffrent colors and holding animations for Left and right Hands and make a perfect accessoire for your look or just to take a closer look at the other items at the Abstrakt event 😀

Blue Blood – Kawaii Cyborg Set

The next item i want to present to you comes from Blue Blood and are to be correct two items in one! With this set you Get awesome Material enabled mesh eyes plus a Drone that hovers around you in a fitting design! included are 6 cool colors so there should be something you like included 😀

Murder – Robotic Manufacturing Table

The last items comes from Murder and makes your Garage or factury just awesome! The Tables come in 3 styles from worn to dirty and Brand New! the look awesome so you shuld get over and take a closer look for your self!

Thats all for this post get over to the event and maybe you´ll find something for you 😀

Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka Connor EvoX
  • Body – Belleza Jake
  • Ears – Swallow Gauged Ears
  • Hair – Dura B118
  • Outfit – Asteroidbox Orther set @ Mainstore
  • Goggles – Persephone Apocalyptic Goggles
  • Backdrop – Paleto MUIH

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