Diaboli Design @ Cyberfair February 2022

I cannot frame, that’s why I lose control
I aim, I stumble and I fall
Our adaptation can’t be faithful
Your world does not attract me

This is the end you see
There is no more truth in me
As if you would deserve it
You are my enemy

Diaboli Design – Cass Blade

The awesome Blade is part of Diaboli Design´s items at the Cyberfair (starting february 3rd) it comes in 3 versions one with Holding animation, one without and a Back version also included is a massive hud with neon options and to put of the glow! get all this here

Diaboli Design – Cass VR

The detailed VR visor comes unrigged and so you can resize it and make it fit to your head! included is a Huge hud with some cool color and neon options to make it look your way! get this also here at the cyberfair

Diaboli Design – Cyber Flowers

The small but cute flowers round up the package at the cyberfair! they come mod and with a Hud included and so you can make them the final piece at your home picture or whatever u will use them for 😀
get them here

Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka Conno EvoX
  • Body – Belleza Jake
  • Hair – Dura B105
  • Ears – The White Crow Diesel Ears
  • Face Alteration – Core&Gore RSX666
  • Neck alteration – Contraption MH4 Neck Cover
  • Bodysuite – Cubic Cherry Hikaru Suite (BoM)
  • Jacket – Toksik Vortex Jackett
  • Boots – Asteroidbox. Xaid Boots @ Mainstore
  • Arms – Tanaka – Mishimo MK2 Oni&Skeleton @ Mainstore
  • Backdrop – zeroichi First Districkt

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