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Bespoke, LuluB & Studio Dire @ Tokyo Zero February 2022

A newborn has reached our realm.
And an old life is thrown away.
In the light of a dark sun
We welcome our new friend.

All featured items aviable at the Tokyo Zero Event running since February 10th

Bespoke – Oni Momotaro

The awesome Head comes with a Animation hud NEck sizes for Male and Female avatars as well as a no neck option and you can also buy several perfect fitting SKins (male bodies) included are one skin and 5 BoM ready eye skins! take a look here

LuluB – Yokai Nights

this lovely background prop comes in 7 colors and is fully modable with some editing skills 😉 it looks fantastic and gives your pictures a fine touch of mystery 😀 get it here

Studio Dire – Beholder Oni Club & Abura sumashi

The Faboulus club comes with a animation Hud with tons of holding poses and also included are versions for left and right hand!

The cute lil yokais come in Tabletop versions with base and small and in NPC versions (bigger but editable) so you can use them for your sim or what ever you want to 😀
check both items out here

Aramis Wears:

  • Body – Belleza Jake
  • Coat – Somnium Counciel of flesh @ Mainstore
  • Body Armor – Somnium Collar of the Depths @ Midnight order Feb 2022
  • Pants – Somnium Harem Pants @ Mainstore
  • Nails – LÉmporio Short claws

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