Diaboli Design & Krova @ Tokyo Zero Event February 2022

Taking my world knowing nothing’s there
Taking my world, nothing’s real
Always hear the words of killing, knowing I’m not him
This fight has made me to believe that I’m not me

All featured items aviable at the Tokyo Zero February round starting February10th

Diaboli Designs – Cyber Claws

The awesome Claws come in Versions for left and Right so you can decide to wear only one or both! included is a HUd for the Neon glow in animated or simple neon colors and they are unrigged so you can make them fit to your shape 😀 get them here

Diaboli Designs – Security Bot Trophy

This Bad Ass trophy comes with 3 Holding animations and resize options! but you can rezz it and use it as prob for your pictures or whatever you like to do with xD get this here

Krova – Facillity Mask

This detailed Mask comes unisex and is aviable in 3 colors included is the under hood for mnale and female heads and a alpha mask to blend out your head 😀 get this here

Aramis Wears:

  • Body – Belleza Jake
  • Outfit – Asteroidbox Certermaine Outfit @ Mainstore
  • Energy Arm – Bison Dark Blood Arm @ MAinstore
  • Shoulder add – Sole SA Pauldron T012
  • Chest add – Sole CL Joint Tech
  • Boots Asteroidbox Xaid Boots @ Mainstore
  • CYber dogs – Rezzroom Cyber greyhound
  • Backdrop – Varonis Level 03

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