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Wicca´s Originals, Cubic Cherry & Bespoke @ My Bloody Valentine january February 2022

Blood and honey blackened by the sun
You were the only one
The muse I choose to worship
A deity I can’t unsee
So hollow, so stricken
From the silence washing over me
My desire for self destruction
You know in the end I destroyed you too

All featured Items aviable at the My Bloody Valentine event (running till February 24th!)

Wicca´s Originals – Burton Hands

The Razor sharp Hand alterations are fully Bento and come for: Maitreya, Legacy[F], Legacy[M], Gianni,and Jake. With them you get a massive 10 color/metals hud so get a look here

Cubic Cherry – Amor Glasses

The lovely glasses come unrigged and in a big color variation so you will find the one you love most! get them here

Bespoke – Monster Stein

this awesome Head comes in Male and Female Neck sizes also there a a huge load of Eye colors stitches a shape included also aviiable are many fitting skins in nearly all colors you can ask for so take a look at the event here

Aramis Wears:

  • Body – Belleza Jake
  • Top – Toksik vortex top/jacket
  • Pants – Toksik invasion
  • Backdrop – Paleto London street

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