Atrophia, Heike & Tanaka @ Midnight order Event January/February 2022

I am my deepest shadow,
Something I can’t ever neglect,
Rise above these ashes,
Or fall and fade away

In dark moments, I know better,
Within destruction, I see clearly

All featured items aviable at the Midnight order Event running since January 20th!

Atrophia – Origami

This lovely holdable Origami comes in clean and Blood base verion and has a holding animation included! also you can choose from 3 paper styles with a bloody version included for every style! so get it here

Heike – Pyromancer Mask

This wicked detailed mask comes unrigged so you can resize it to your head just perfect! With the Hud you can choose from several Style options for this mask like 9(!) patterns for the mask and varios colors for straps glas and the included chocker! so don´t waste time and get it here

Tanaka – Sport Shorts

The awesome Shorts come in sizes for Legacy Male and Belleza Jake and you can choose from 5 diffrent styles or the Fatpack! so take a look and grab yours here

Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka Connor EvoX
  • Body – Belleza Jake
  • Hair – Dura B105
  • Ears – Swallow Gauged Ears
  • Earrings – RichB. Leeder Earrings @ Mainstore
  • Top – Toksik Vortex Shirt
  • Harness – Cerberus Xing Vargr Harness
  • Glove – Cerberus Xing Ruffian Armguards
  • Armbelts – LÉmporio Fighting Belts
  • Nails – Conviction the Claws
  • Sneaker – Linkrave GoLink
  • Backdrop – Varonis Occurence

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