Somnium @ Midnight Order event January/February 2022

In the sunken city
of coral R’lyeh,
dead Cthulhu hears
the drowning prayers
of despair and rewards
the faithful human filth.

The Deep Ones emerge
from salty waters,
and usher destruction
of verdant lands by slaying
creatures of tepid crimson.

Midnight order Event running since January 20th

Somnium – Suplicant of the Depths

Somnium comes with this awesome set of Heretic beauty! The Robe and the Gilding (Mask/Collar) are sold seperated and are aviable for Legacy Male and Belleza Jake and come in Fatpack or 5 seperated colors!
The lovely Cthulu Idols are a gift at the event so reach your tentacles out to them and the awesome set here

Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka Connor EvoX
  • Body – Belleza Jake
  • Tentacles – Aii & Ego Forbidden Ritual Tentacles
  • Book – Tanaka Necronomicon
  • Pants – Somnium Somnus Trousers
  • Nails – Conviction the CLaws
  • Skin alteration – Human Glitch NVWKY
  • Halo – Verboten Fhtagn

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