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Time is Running out..

Hexed, Altered State & NoRush @ Tokyo Zero January 2022 Round

From green to red our days pass by
Waiting for a sign to tell us why
Are we dancing all alone?

Collect some stars to shine for you
And start today ‚cause there’s only a few
A sign of times my friend

All Featured Items aviable at the Tokyo Zero January 2022 Round!

Hexed – Andronica Face

This EvoX Face Alteration comes in BoM layers for EvoX Heads only, there are 7 Colors aviable and so you will find someting for you without a question 🙂 get it here

Altered State – Baggy Puffer

This awesome Bomber Jacket comes in sizes for: Jake, Legacy M, Legacy F, Kairo, Kupra, Maitreya, Freya and Ebody Reborn. and you get 21 textures for it, to change the Fur, inlays, trims and the main Jacket itself with some super cool colors!
get it here

NoRush – Timer

This accesoire is a cool bling at every Hacker party! you will get 4 colors and a version wthout the wrist band to place it whereever you want! the clock is ticking so get it here

Aramis Wears:

  • Head – Lelutka Connor EvoX
  • Body – Belleza Jake
  • Hair – Dura B114
  • Ears – Swallow Gauged Ears
  • Earrings – RichB Vortex Earrings @ Mainstore
  • Tank – Gild 1s Meshtank
  • Gloves – Gild koa Gloves
  • Backdrop – Paleto London Night

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